A Collection of Pocket Watches
Online-Only Auction:
September 21-28, 2016

Online Bidding Closes:
Wednesday, September 28, 6:00pm

Memories of a great grandfather or grandfather’s ritual of winding his pocket watch and returning it to his vest pocket are fond memories for many of us of a certain generation. Families proudly honored the tradition of passing the watch down from generation to generation The pocket watch, often in an ornately engraved gold hunter case with an endearment inscription, was witness to a significant era of time as the gentleman of the house toiled for his family during the Industrial Revolution, the Great Depression, and two world wars. Railroad watches with strict regulations kept trains on schedule with precision. For the ladies of the house, the watch was often worn pinned on their shoulder or suspended from a fancy link chain or ribbon and served as an item of jewelry with function. Such are the contents of this sale from the collection of the late Edwin Hatch of Greensboro, NC, and other individual consignors; they speak to a formative time of our history.

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