The November Coin Auction
Online-Only Auction:
November 22-29, 2017

Online Bidding will begin to close:
Wednesday, November 29, 6:00pm EST

A 19th century collector's archive opens this exciting sale that features a wide variety of material. The initial lots showcase two early gold commemoratives and a large run of modern gold bullion coins, many of which are certified. Silver offerings are dominated by certified Capped Bust and Walking Liberty halves. Key 20th century classics present are a 1909-S VDB cent, 1916-D dime, 1937 Three Legged Buffalo nickel, and 1995-W $1 Proof Silver Eagle. Several attractive ancient coins are listed near the end of the auction.

This Online-Only Auction has a soft-staggered close; an additional five minutes is added to the close time for every 30 lots being offered (i.e. lots 1-30 begin to close at 6:00pm, lots 31-60 begin to close at 6:05pm, etc.). If any bids are received within the five minutes prior to a lot closing, the lot time will be extended for an additional five minutes (i.e. lot 1 receives a bid at 5:56pm, the time extends to 6:01pm). The five minute extension will continue to be applied until no further bids have been placed.

When placing a bid, you are welcome to bid the asking price, or you may enter your maximum bid and the system will competitively execute your bid for you.

Leland Little Auctions has been providing world-class auction services for families and collectors for over 20 years, and is now actively consigning for upcoming auctions. We invite you to contact our gallery today for a confidential discussion to learn more about where selling at auction can take you.

Tuesday, November 28, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday, November 29, 10:00am - 5:00pm