Rugs & Textiles


Textiles are universally specific. So many diverse cultures have a tradition of weaving or other textile creation that feels particularly definitive. The Leland Little Rugs & Textiles Department has represented most of them, from the Malayer, Caucasian, Tribal, Serapi, and Bidjar rugs of the East, to early American needlepoint work to tapestries by the famed French Aubusson weavers.


Nancy Blount

Nancy Blount

Fine Jewelry & Textiles Director

A lifelong history and literature enthusiast, Nancy Blount was drawn to jewelry and textiles because of how she could see those topics represented in material culture. Nancy grew up doing needlework with her mother, and then as a literacy tutor discovered that historically, needlework samplers had been young girls’ earliest literacy tools. Similarly, Nancy has always loved jewelry that tells a story, whether it be pieces worn for good luck, or inspired by the European Grand Tour, or with the exoticism of the Egyptian Revival. A hands-on expert herself, Nancy appreciates the nuanced evidence of the maker that are always present in handmade pieces, both in textiles and in jewelry.