Lot 241
Five Roman Imperial Silver Denarii From the Pristina Hoard
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
Approximately 10,000 silver denarii, likely a military payroll, were intentionally buried in what would one day become Pristina, Yugoslovia. This hoard was discovered in 1979 and legally entered the numismatic market in 1999. The Pristina coins offered here were sold in 2000 by New World Rarities, Ltd. of Bohemia, New York and, by ruler, are as follows: Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), denarius of 202-210 (3.41g), Parthian victory trophy, RIC 321; Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus, denarius of 196-211 A.D. (3.29g), Pietas sacrificing, RIC 572; Caracalla (198-217 A.D.), denarius of 199/200 (3.17g), Sol standing, RIC 30; Geta as Caesar (198-209 A.D.), denarius of 200-202 (3.51g), Securitas seated, RIC 20; Severus Alexander (222-235 A.D.), denarius (2.64g). Mars, RIC 160. Various better grades, Good VF to AU.

From a private Virginia collection