Lot 2411
Three Tin Litho Carnival Wind Up Toys
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
The first is a 1953 J. Chein "Playland Whip" where four dodge-em cars go around the track on an elastic belt while the driver's spring mounted heads bob (with original shipping box) (faded; not working) (19 in.); the second is J. Chein "Roller Coaster" which uses a conveyer belt to lift two cars upwards to then roll down, original shipping box, cars present; (conveyer belt stretched and not working) (9 3/4 x 19 in.); the third is "Loop A Loop" with original box and car (working sporadically; fading; rust spots).

H 10 in. x W 22 in. x D 20.5 in.

The Collection of the late Joel Siegel, New York, New York