Lot 3152
Nine Examples of 19th Century United States Fractional Currency
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
To include: First Issue "Postage Currency," July 17, 1862, 5 Cents with monogram on back, F1230 (soiling; good condition), 10 Cents with monogram on back, KL #3215, two examples (Fine condition, one trimmed into the plate), 50 Cents with monogram on back, F1312 (Fair with heavy soiling); Second Issue "Fractional Currency," March 3,1863, 5 Cents with overprint on reverse, F1234 (Fine); Third Issue "Fractional Currency," March 3,1863, 3 Cents with dark background, F1227 Good); Fourth Issue "Fractional Currency," March 3, 1863, 50 cents, F1379 (Fair); Fifth Issue "Fractional Currency," Series 1874/1875, 10 cents, F1265 (Fair, damage).