Lot 86
A Chinese Peach Form "Cadogan" Wine Pot
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Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1661-1772), well modeled wine pot in the shape of a peach on a high foot, one side with realistic molded indention coming to point at the top, the organic rounded green handle and spout are branches with green and blue glazed leaves springing onto the red glazed peach, the unglazed foot has a hole in the base, which is how the vessel would have been filled, comes together with a carved wooden stand.

5 1/8 x 4 x 6 3/4 in.

From the collection of Thomas English Cody (1889-1948), the great nephew of Buffalo Bill Cody, and by family descent.

The majority of the peach shaped wine pots from the Kangxi period in China were aubergine and turquoise blue in color, rarely do you find a red glazed example. For a similar peach shaped wine pot please see Metropolitan Museum of Art (79.2.66), and one sold at Christie's, New York in September 16, 2010, Lot 1395. This shape was later adopted by the Europeans and created for export in patterned decoration.

Some restoration to the spout and nearby foliage.

$1,500 - 3,000