Lot 73
Four Portable Bone Sundial Compasses
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
Including two in dyptich form, the smaller 19th century or earlier, the verso engraved with major cities and their latitudes (1 1/2 x 2 1/4 in.) (some hairlines, detached), the larger is likely later with engraved with scrimshaw vessel on the cover (3 1/2 in.); the third an English magnetic round form, second quarter 19th century, engraved brass cover with papered interior reading 'FAST MEANS THAT THE CLOCK SHOULD BE FASTER THAN THE DIAL. SLOW, SLOWER.'. (paper inside cover is torn); a 19th century thimble form with brass collapsible sundial (fair condition) (1 1/4 in.)

Private Collection of an Antiquarian, Charlotte, North Carolina