Lot 47
Grouping of Antique and Vintage Scientific Devices
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
To include: hydrometer, early 20th century with Edwardian cipher on wooden case
( 9 in.) (lacking thermometer); brass laboratory burner (1-1/2 in. high); wood and brass microscope slide spinner with late 19th century slide from Indianapolis (2 in. high); microscope slide platform encased in iron (3 x 4 in.); steel compass in brass frame with underside socket for mounting (4-1/2 in. diameter); two measuring devices likely used in conjunction with scales, one 19th century and the second one early 20th century (longest 9 in.); two rings with tools (the larger one likely Roman and lacks a setting on its face); a bag of miscellaneous instrument parts, including two lenses.

Private Collection of an Antiquarian, Charlotte, North Carolina

Good used condition overall.