Lot 4088
Roman Empire, Five (5) High Grade Silver Denarii Featuring the "Adoptive Emperors"
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
Subjects as follows:

1. Nerva (A.D. 96-98), Silver denarius (A.D. 96), 3.48g. Laureate hd. r. / Clasped hands holding legionary eagle on prow, RIC 3. Extremely Fine, being struck in lustrous high relief with hints of subtle toning.

2. Trajan (A.D. 98-117), Silver denarius (A.D. 103-111), 3.42g, Laureate bust r. / Aequitas stg. l., RIC 169. Extremely Fine, bold strike boasting iridescence against a smooth gray background.

3. Hadrian, (A.D. 117-138), silver denarius (A.D. 119-122), 3.62g, Laureate bust r. with drapery over left shoulder. / Concordia std. l. with patera. RIC 82. An artistic and well-centered composition with a magnificent portrait. Extremely Fine condition.

4. Antoninus Pius (A.D.138-161), silver denarius (A.D. 140-143), 3.44g, Laureate head r. / Aequitas stg. l. holding scales and rod. RIC 61. Extremely Fine condition with hints of rainbow toning.

5. Marcus Aurelius (161-180 A.D.), silver denarius (A.D. 167-168), 3.27g, Laureate bust r. / Providentia stg. l. holding scepter, pointing to globe. RIC 176. Almost uncirculated with superb cabinet toning and an ultra high relief portrait.

Private North Carolina collection

These spectacular denarii were previously displayed in a 16-3/4 x 28-1/2 in. custom frame, which also contained high resolution photo enlargements of each coin. This substantial display can go to the winning bidder if so desired.