Andy Warhol and model Rosemary McGrotha, 1983
'80s Jewelry Comeback
'80s style is having a serious second moment in the sun - we love it when the kids finally realize how cool we were back in the day.
Chunky white tennies, brown antique furniture, floral prints, power suits, puffed sleeves and mom jeans are all back on the streets and in the magazine editorials. Gen Z has clearly been going through Gen X's closets and discovering the treasures that lie within.

And since the '80s were the decade of fabulous luxury, it make sense that one place they would definitely resurface is in our jewelry. Thick gold, bold geometry, big stones, layers and layers and layers of pearls - '80s jewelry was all about making a statement. Today the statement it makes is that everything old will be new again someday - there's always someone younger coming up behind us to remind us how chic we've been all along.
Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week, February 2020
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Saturday, June 12th
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