A Conversation with Jack Dudley
Significant Makers and the Stories Behind the Decoys
The old port town of Morehead City resides along the coast of North Carolina, bordering Beaufort and Atlantic Beach. It’s a cherished spot by all Eastern North Carolina locals, attracting families thanks to its charming restaurants and boardwalks. One restaurant of note is called, The Sanitary. It has become a landmark, a place of shared memory. As we sit and enjoy our lunch with Jack Dudley, we listen as he reminisces on the many late summer nights packing into this local spot with families spilling out onto the sidewalk along the sound. With the smell of salty marsh mingling with the fried catch of the day, strolling the streets with salt water taffy in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other, these were the days of bliss. Jack, orders his usual grilled chicken. “I don’t cook and I gotta eat three times a day,” He says as he confesses his daily routine of eating out.

As we head out of town, westward, past the colorful beach houses and gnarly trees, we come upon a quaint home bordering an expansive golf course. Here, Dudley spends his days digging up thorn roots and enjoying his decoy collection. Welcoming us into his home, we sit with him on his back porch with a view of the sound glistening in the distance.
It’s nice and wonderful to have a story to go with it, so the meaning is something to it, it’s not something that you go home to put on the shelf, you want the memories that go with it and treasure it.
-Jack Dudley
Enjoy our trip to Morehead City as our Sporting Art Director, Robbie Smith, speaks with author and historian, Jack Dudley, about significant decoy makers and their work. Be the continuation of these stories and bid on these decoys and more in our Summer Sporting Art Auction. This auction opens for live bidding on Thursday, June 1st at 10am. Pre-bidding is available now.

Thank you to Jack Dudley for spending the day with us, inviting us into his home, and bestowing his wisdom upon eager ears.
Summer Sporting Art Auction
June 1st at 10am EDT