A Moment With Emily Kerrigan
Over the years I have become very good at getting out of things I don't want to do. And if ever there was something I didn't want to do, this was surely it: to deal with the mother of a dead novelist and, worst of all, to have to read a manuscript that she said was 'great.'
- Walker Percy
Listen to our Historical & Book Cataloguer, Emily Kerrigan, discuss the Pulitzer Prize winning book, A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole. This novel was published posthumously thanks to the efforts of his mother, who contacted writer, Walker Percy. This book, which is being offered in our December Estate Auction, has Percy's signature on the title page. This auction opens for live bidding on Thursday, December 14th at 9am. Pre-bidding is available now.

December Estate Auction
December 14 at 9am EST