An Insider's Look: Art Nouveau and Art Deco as Wearable Art
"It was the age of glamour and cocktail parties and what better way to showcase glamour than with pieces fully set with diamonds and with precious stones for contrast." - Nancy Blount, Fine Jewelry & Textiles Director
Listen as our Fine Jewelry & Textiles Director, Nancy Blount, discusses the signature style elements of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods and illustrates how these stylistic attributes are evident in fine works of jewelry. From the simplicity, sensuality, and curvature of lines typical of Art Nouveau style to the angular, geometric lines of Art Deco, these wearable works of art mirror the design aesthetic of their respective historical moment. Explore these timeless pieces and more in our Signature Fall Auction on Saturday, September 9th at 9:00am. Pre-bidding is available now.

Signature Fall Auction
September 9 at 9am EDT