An Insider's Look: Inspiration, Design, and Pure Elegance
When building a collection, "...go for the best you can get at the time...look at known designers [and] pieces that speak to you..." - Nancy Blount, Fine Jewelry & Textiles Director
Explore the details of two elegant pieces of jewelry, by important designers, from two different moments in time. Responding to a new era of affluence, jewelry houses in the post World War II era created designs that were bolder, with more texture. Inspired by Haute Couture Houses, Van Cleef & Arpels mastered the delicate folds and fine lacework of textiles through the medium of metal, creating bold yet intricate pieces of art, such as the pair of Vintage Gold and Diamond "Dentelle" Earrings. A more contemporary piece, the Tiffany & Co. Platinum and Diamond Necklace, represents what the jewelry house has long been known for. A timeless piece of jewelry -- elegant and classic, with quality stones, this necklace is an anchor to any jewelry collection. These pieces are being offered in our Fine Jewelry Auction that opens for live bidding on Thursday, April 14th at 10am. Pre-bidding is available now.

Fine Jewelry Auction
April 14th at 10am EDT