The trees are budding out, the grass is getting a little greener, and the Leland Little automobile pavilion is filling up in advance of our spring auctions. More collectible cars and motorcycles are arriving all the time, but we already have a crave-inducing line-up.

Included in our spring sales will be both a classic and a late model Jaguar. The classic, a 1971 Jaguar XKE 2+2 V12 Coupe, is the perfect driver, complete with new tires and ready to take to the road. The late model, a 2000 Jaguar XK8 Convertible, has been meticulously maintained and given several recent services that included a new transmission.

Another classic to be offered is a 1957 Starfire 98 that has been meticulously restored to include all of the highest end options available at the time the car was manufactured, including the Autronic Eye, which detected oncoming car headlights and automatically dimmed and brightened the Starfire's own lights accordingly, and a Super Deluxe AM radio with the Wonder Bar, which automatically tuned the radio with a touch to the button either on the radio, or with the driver's foot on the car's floorboards.
Also in the spring auto inventory is a sought-after 1979 single-family owned Jeep CJ7. This Jeep came from the famous Hinkle dealership in South Carolina, which was at one point the largest Jeep dealership in the world. Hinkle was the ultimate authority on Jeeps - they sold Jeeps and only Jeeps. When the American Motor Company requested that they start selling different models in the mid-1980's, Larry Hinkle simply retired and closed the dealership.
A final highlight is the truly unique 1967 Honda CT90 Motorbike. These bikes were originally designed for road use, but when Honda realized customers were stripping them down for off-road riding, the company stopped giving the bikes city-worthy trim like that on the bike we're offering. Leland Little Estate and Collector Vehicles Director Mark Terry says that he has "seen thousands of these bikes, but never a single one quite like this, with the after-market vintage Buco saddle bags." Also from Honda we have a 1997 Honda Magna Motorcycle, perfect for spring joy riding.

Our current roster of spring cars is below, watch this space for additions.