The touchstones in the life of North Carolina artist Bob Timberlake are the traditions of family passed down through generations and a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. Our November 14th auction From the Personal Collection of Bob Timberlake was comprised of the art and objects with which Timberlake surrounds himself that center those touchstones in his life.
Showroom-worthy canoes that transport you at a glance to the stillness of early mornings on a lake; historic Civil War and marching band drums; the quilts and pottery and baskets that have been essential to North Carolina life for generations: these are the things that inspire Timberlake’s art. Several original pieces of Timberlake’s art were also included in the sale, as well as a number of signed prints. In some cases the artwork was accompanied by the original object that inspired or is portrayed in it.
Bob Timberlake (NC, b. 1937), Still Life of a Basket of Strawberries (with model)
One of several buildings on Timberlake's Lexington property
The items in the November 14th auction came from one of the several historic buildings on Bob Timberlake's farm in Lexington, North Carolina, as well as his gallery, also in Lexington. On the farm are his studio and storage buildings, and a guest house fashioned from an historic barn. In his gallery are his current artworks as well as pieces from his renowned furniture line. Together these two places are the center of the Bob Timberlake universe, from which his art and influence emanate.
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From the Personal Collection of Bob Timberlake
Saturday, November 14th
9:00am (EST)

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