In the Sky with Diamonds
In 2004, astronomers at Harvard discovered that the white dwarf star previously known only as V886 Centauri or BPM 37093 was actually a diamond. A really, really big diamond. The biggest in the universe, perhaps.
White dwarfs, which are the remnants of dead stars, are composed of carbon and oxygen. And over billions of years, 90% of this white dwarf had crystallized into diamond. 10 billion billion trillion carats of diamond. The scientists had no choice but to rename the star “Lucy.” Could the ancient Romans and Greeks, who believed that diamonds were splinters from falling stars, have been on to something?

The diamonds in our Signature Winter Auction may not total quite the weight of Lucy, but it would be hard to outshine them here on earth. In settings both iconic and dramatic, from makers such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier and more, they are everything we want jewelry to be: timeless, elegant, creative, and as sparkly as the winter sky on a clear night.

The Signature Winter Auction
Saturday, December 4th
9:00am EST

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