The Stuff of Legend
There can be no question that drinking a great old wine is one of life’s great pleasures. And, there is nothing in the world like a great old Red Burgundy! – The Underground Wineletter
1990 was a legendary year for growing grapes in the French region of Burgundy. The winter was mild, yet the spring was cool and wet. Temperatures rose in July, making for a very hot and dry summer. Rain arrived in late August, and came as a welcome relief to the vines. Sugar levels were high, and so was acidity, leading to a harvest of rich, healthy grapes. Quality was exceptionally high, especially in the sub-region of Burgundy, Cote d’Or.

Cote d’Or is a thirty-mile-long escarpment that starts in the city of Dijon and ends in the village of Santenay. It contains a narrow ridge of limestone that is broken into two sections – the Cote de Nuits to the north and the Cote de Beaune to the south.

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