Through the Architect's Lens: Vision & Inspiration
Explore the design details, materials, and feel of our gallery and renovated campus. Listen as our architect, Richard Gurlitz of Gurlitz Architectural Group, describes the design challenge and vision for this project.

Richard Gurlitz of Gurlitz Architectural Group
The architectural vision for the experience of Leland Little is bound in the function of the spaces and the spirit of the activities. Leland Little handles fine art, classic and historical collectibles and wines. The common element that binds these objects together is that they all represent, in their own way, our highest artistic expression - they are the artifacts of our culture.
But there is also the innate excitement and anticipation in the possibility of owning these artifacts. The auction experience combines heightened expectations and adrenalin with the enjoyment and appreciation we place on artistic creation. For each artifact we understand to be the product of an artist’s vision, craftsmanship, and emotion. We are always searching to capture that expression and make it a part of our own lives.

Leland Little has aspired to build that sense of excitement and blend it with the reserve and respect we hold for a museum experience. The building provides a formal background focusing on the intrinsic value of the art while providing theater for the thrill of acquisition.

- Richard Gurlitz, Gurlitz Architectural Group