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Portrait of Mrs. Laura Klingle (nŽe Tiernan)
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Painted by Mrs Georgiana Klingle Holmes, circa 1875, half-length portrait of Mrs. Tiernan wearing a pale blue ball gown with boullion style trim, a pearl necklace is wrapped around her wrist, she holds a posy of pink and white roses in her other hand, presented in the likely original gilt composition frame with floral motif. SS 32.5 x 26.5 in.; DOA 43.25 x 37.25

The Bernard Family House, "Gay Mont," Port Royal, Virginia Private collection, Richmond, VA

Laura Cecilia Tiernan (1844-1895) was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Her father was the elderly merchant, Charles B. Tiernan and her mother the noted novelist from Richmond, Virginia, Mary Spear Nichols. Laura married Joshua Pierce Klingle in 1865 and bore him two children. They lived in the stone Pierce-Klingle House, which is now part of Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. It is interesting to note the posy of flowers she holds, as her uncle-in-law was a noted horticulturalist and her husband, in the 1860 federal census, is listed as a nurseryman on his uncle's list of dependents. Georgiana Klingle Holmes (1840-1940), was born in Philadelphia, but lived most of her life in Summit, New Jersey. Through her mother's side, she was related to the Morris family of Morrisania. Writing under the name "George Klingle," she published numerous well-known poetical works.

$500 - 1,000