Lot 597
American School, Bombardment of Fort Fisher
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Late 19th century, oil on canvas, signed "Mrs. Wm. Forbes" lower left, Union monitors, frigates and side-wheelers shell Confederate Fort Fisher. Presented in a likely original carved gilt and gesso frame. Fort Fisher, situated at the mouth of North Carolina's Cape Fear River, protected the vital port city of Wilmington. This painting is a copy of a lithograph by Endicott & Co. of NYC published in the spring of 1865 depicting the Second Battle of Fort Fisher, January 13 - 15, 1865. The fort's fall in January and the subsequent capture of Wilmington effectively cut off the Confederacy from the outside world.

SS 12.5 x 23.5 in.; 19.5 x 31 in.

Chip to the frame's lower right corner; several paint flakes along the left side of painting; small pin-point hole to canvas in water; yellowing varnish and surface grime. No evidence of in-painting visible under black light.

$800 - 1,200