Lot 299
Three Egyptian Assuit Shawls
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Circa 1920, each with hand applied sterling silver decoration on cotton net. The first being made of black cotton net features repeating patterns of girls in dress, men on horseback and the tree of life. The second is cream cotton with five central diamonds and rows of human figures at the edges. The third shawl is cream cotton and heavily decorated with silver in alternating diamond patterns with one large central diamond, resembling a finely woven Persian rug.

80 x 25 in.; 75 x 25 in.; 35 x 85 in.

These bedazzling garments, known as "Tulle Embroidery," were first produced around the turn of the 19th century and became popular during the roaring twenties, as a nod to Egyptian fashion.

The first has a two inch tear to one of the horses. The second has a few minor tears or snags, the largest being .5 in. The third shawl is extremely fragile and has several areas of separation and a 1 x 2 in. missing area close to the central diamond.

$500 - 800