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Nine Classic Books Signed by Andrew Wyeth
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Mostly novels, these octavo hardcover volumes and/or their dust jackets were illustrated by Wyeth. They include: THE NUB by Robb White, III (1935); THE SMUGGLER'S SLOOP by Robb White, III (1937); THE SEA BIRD ISLANDS by Agnes Cope Foote (1939); THE BRANDYWINE by Henry Seidel Canby (1941); ARTHUR PENDRAGON by John W. Donaldson (1943); BEDFORD VILLAGE by Hervey Allen (1944); THE CITY IN THE DAWN by Hervey Allen (1948); FRATERNITY VILLAGE by Ben Ames Williams (1949); LIEUTENANT HORNBLOWER (1952).

Objects from the Bob Timberlake Collection, Lexington, NC

Selected objects from The Bob Timberlake Collection Bob Timberlake, an internationally acclaimed realist painter, furniture maker, author, and philanthropist lives in Lexington, North Carolina. Primarily known for his watercolor paintings, his depiction of life in his Native North Carolina has endeared his work to an international audience.

All volumes except one have their original jackets. Very good to fine condition.

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