Lot 133
WWII Era Willys MB Jeep
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VIN: KY9831 Mileage: ?

This jeep was manufactured during WWII, and saw service with the U.S. Army until 1955. The jeep was then provided by the U.S. Government, to the Pakistani Army that same year, in a donation of a large number of surplus U.S. military vehicles. The jeep stayed in active service with the Pakistani Army until 1974, when it was “mothballed” with a large number of other vehicles. The Pakistani Army switched over to Japanese-made vehicles.

The jeep was sitting in a field near the Pakistani Army cantonment of Rawalpindi in the Punjab Province of Pakistan when it was discovered. There were nearly 100 ex-US military jeeps in the field. Some were Willys MB models others were Ford GPW models, but all were of WWII period manufacture. The lot of vehicles was purchased from the Pakistan Army around 1983 by a Pakistani scrap metal dealer in Rawalpindi. Living in Pakistan at the time the consignor purchased the jeep from the scrap metal dealer, who allowed him to remove any of the spare parts needed to make a whole jeep from the lot of vehicles he purchased.
A mechanic was recruited to select the jeep in the best condition for restoration. One was found that had no missing parts, except that it had no spare jerry gas can on the back. One was found that is also dated in the early 1940s, and that gas can is still with the jeep.

After purchasing the jeep, it was restored by mechanics in Pakistan. The paint scheme is based on WWII-period photos of actual U.S. Army jeeps in service during WWII. The numbering and insignia markings are copied from some of those photos. Restoration was completed in mid-1984.

The jeep was shipped back to the United States in late 1987 or early 1988. It has been used lightly in parades and exhibitions, and remained garaged on jack stands for 10 years.

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From the Collection of a former Foreign Service Officer.

Paint is in excellent condition, body is free of rust, and very little surface rust appears on components. Many additional and original parts, including the generator and carburetor. It includes 2 canvas tops, with a set of door flaps, and frame, axe, shovel, and jerry can. Vehicle runs and drives great.

The fuel system has been cleaned, and the fuel tank treated and sealed. It has a non-original Solens carburetor, and the dash mounted choke does not fully engage. The sending unit was replaced in the fuel tank, and the fuel gauge works, but does not read correct capacity. The temperature gauge also works, but does not indicate correct temperature. Tires are dry and cracking.

$8,000 - 12,000