Estate & Collector Vehicles


The Estate & Collector Vehicles Department specializes not only in the classics that have our hearts from years past, but also the cars that are destined to become the classics of the future. With a focus on late model and collectible cars, we present quality, vetted cars that we stand behind.

Providing a full range of services on a small-scale, our dedicated team attends to the details required to professionally present vehicles at auction. We are way more than a marketplace. For each vehicle we represent, we offer the following services:

• Transportation to our dedicated Auto Pavilion

• Thorough and professional photography

• Service and minor repairs

• Refurbishment

• Detailed cataloguing

• Auction posting and marketing

• Bidder registration

• Respond to bidder inquiries

• Manage payment from buyer

• All paperwork and title work

• Preview events

If you are looking for a team of professionals who are passionate about collector cars and routinely go above and beyond for their clients, give us a call. From initial consultation to professional vetting to auction day, as a fully licensed dealership, our team is ready to assist with your estate, personal collection, or individual collector vehicle.


Mark Terry

Mark Terry

Estate & Collector Vehicles Director

Growing up with a father who worked in the auto industry, Mark Terry had an early exposure to cars that, over time, turned into a passion. Drawn to both form and function, Mark is fascinated by the history, design, and engineering of each car he represents. Mark has a long and proven professional history in estate management and customer relations. He is a member of the Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association and the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

The Leland Little Estate & Collector Vehicle Department is proud to be affiliated with the Virginia International Raceway, the Triumph Club of the Carolinas, the MG Club, as well as the Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance and the Antique Auto Club of America.

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The Estate & Collector Vehicles Department specializes not only in the classics that have our hearts from years past, but also the cars that are destined to be the classics of the future.


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