Lot 1011
A Collection of Plates From Anson's Exploration of the Pacific in the 1740s
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
Consisting of 30 copperplate engravings disbound from various mid-18th century editions of A Voyage Round the World In the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV by George Anson. Included are: Plate I - Island of St. Catherines; Plate II - Harbour of St. Catherines; Plate III -Cape Blanco; Plate V - St. Julian; Plate VI - St. Julian's Harbour (octavo, not folding); Plate VII - St. Julian's River; Plate IX - Cape Virgin Mary; Plate XII - The west prospect of Staten Island; Plate VIII - Port St. Julian; Plate XIV - The East Prospect of the Island of Iuan Fernandez; Plate XV - A Plan of Iuan Fernandez; Plate XVI - Iuan Fernandez Island; Plate XVII -Cumberland Bay; Plate XXI - East Side of Masa Fuero; Plate XXII - Masa-Fuero; Plate XXIII - Town of Payta; Plate XXV - Island of Quibo; Plate XXVII - Form of Cruising off Acapulca; Plate XXVIII - Quibo and Quicara; Plate XXIX - The Bay and Rocks of Petaplan;
Plate XXX - Entrance of Chequetan; Plate XXXI - Harbour of Chequetan; Plate XXXII - Port of Acapulco; Plate XXXIII - Harbour of Acapulco; Plate XXXIV - Watering Place at Tenian; XXXV - S. W. Side of Tenian; Plate XXXVI - Anchoring Place at Tenian; Plate XXXVII - N W Side of Saypan; Plate XXXVII - A Flying Proa ; Plate XLII - Chinese Vessels. Additional items here are a sheet of text from an unidentified edition of Anson, three un-numbered South Pacific plates and an un-related 1773 Plan of Fair Haven.

Sizes vary slightly, average 11 x 21 5/8 in.

The Lifelong Collection of Keith and Caroline Gray, Charlotte, NC. Keith and Caroline Gray were passionate about antiques, art, and history. Together they attended antique shows and auctions for decades – assembling a collection particularly strong on American coin silver, Asian art, historical documents, early images, and English ceramics. Both were longtime supporters of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, with Caroline serving in multiple capacities from docent to a member of the acquisitions board and trustee. Caroline translated her love of material culture into a successful career, becoming a certified property appraiser in Charlotte.

Vertical fold creases; expected age toning; a few small marginal splits. Overall good condition.