Lot 447
Collin Rhodes, Edgefield District, SC, Three Gallon Jug
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
Attributed, circa 1850, highly ovoid stoneware form with tooled spout, wide applied single handle, decorated on one side with kaolin slip, the horizontal capacity mark within a stylized sunflower circlet above a floral cluster and swag loops against a light olive alkaline glaze.

14 x 9.5 in

From the Collection of Mary Wells, Greensboro, North Carolina

Good estate condition; retains old cork in spout. Black light examination reveals no restoration. The rear side shows an old tight hairline from the mid-body extending down to base; also on the back side is a two-inch old tight hailrline that extends to base; the base with visible hairlines in two areas; appears to be a drying crack at the base of the neck spout, but appears to be overglazed. The jug and overall body is sound and solid.

$3,000 - 5,000