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People have always made art out of the everyday, and nowhere is this more evident than in pottery and fine porcelain. The Leland Little Pottery & Porcelain Department offers the very best of the world’s tableware and decorative objects - from the earthenware artistry of sought-after North Carolina pottery like Jugtown and Ben Owen to the refined tradition of Europe’s famed porcelain makers like Meissen, KPM and Royal Crown Derby.


Pam Briggs

Pam Briggs

Fashion, Pottery & Porcelain Director

Pam grew up in a family that valued history and art. As a child she waded in the Toledo Museum of Art fountain and played board games surrounded by Old Masters and Miro, Meissen and Royal Doulton. Pam’s move to North Carolina in 1991 allowed her to open an antiques shop while simultaneously educating herself in Southern furniture and pottery. Pam joined the Leland Little team in the late 1990s. Her devotion to craftsmanship and personal interest in the history of fashion made her a perfect fit to head the Couture Department.

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A Life's Work with Bill Ivey

"I have found that if you know where a piece is from, or if you know a little bit about it, then you almost have a relationship with it . . . it comes alive . . ." - Bill Ivey


The Finer Points: A Thankful Table

Seasonal Celebration, Leland Little Style


A Moment with Leland Little

"A diverse collection representative of a shared passion for travel, the outdoors, and fine objects." - Leland Little, speaking about the life and collection of the late Charles and Cynthia Salzhauer


Oriental Translations in Jugtown Pottery

"...they [Jugtown Pottery] created totally new shapes in North Carolina pottery..." - Pam Briggs, Fashion, Pottery & Porcelain Director


An Insider's Look: The Intriguing Personalities of Face Jugs

Face vessels have enticed collectors for decades...(they are) fascinated by the potters' ability to endow an ordinary water pitcher or whiskey jug with a personality - Pam Briggs


The Estate of the late Frank Daniels, Jr. and his wife, Julia Jones Daniels

If you are going to live in a community, you ought to be involved in the community - Frank Daniels, Jr.


A Moment With Pam Briggs

The origin of Delftware is rooted in a story of civil war, consumer demand, and superb imitation.


Special Feature with Brian Kuebler

The Spontaneous Art of Paul Chaleff


Tour of The Signature Winter Auction

Sunlight dances through our gallery in anticipation of our Signature Winter Auction this Saturday, December 3rd.


A Moment With Pam Briggs

Our Pottery, Porcelain, and Fashion Director guides us through a fine collection of Southwestern pottery, focusing on some of her favorite pieces and highlighting three generations of Hopi artists.


An Insider's Look: Inspired by the European Grand Tour

Back from your European getaway and longing for some of its beauty at home? We get it. Feeling inspired by our own travels and the tradition of the Grand Tour, we have curated this timeless selection of continental art, furniture, and decorative accessories from our End of Summer Estate Auction.


The Finer Points: Florals in Design

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. - Henri Matisse


The Collection of Joel Siegel

The first thing I saw after I came to was this huge Lichtenstein pop-art poster. If it had been a Raphael Madonna I might have thought I'd died and gone to heaven. But Lichtenstein? I died and went to the Museum of Modern Art? -Joel Siegel, upon awakening in the recovery room at New York Hospital, Lessons for Dylan


Southern Flowers in Southern Pots

At Leland Little "Arts of the South" generally refers to Southern Pottery and Folk Art. But when we add Durham, North Carolina, photographer and florist Allison Donnelly to the mix, the definition gets a little more botanical.


Five Things: The Decorous Revolution of Women in American Art Pottery

Not all revolutions come with rally cries and drum beats. Some, like the rise of American women ceramicists at the turn of the century, are more quietly radical, but they bend the arc of equality nonetheless.


Larry Wheeler Reflects on the Life and Legacy of Joe Rowand

The creative magic of Joe Rowand was in full flower from the moment he opened his Somerhill Gallery at Straw Valley on US 15/501 on the edge of Chapel Hill in 1972.


Queen Victoria at the Table - The Original Influencer


Delft: The Practical Pot

The mid-century Modernists weren't the first to come up with the idea of "industrial design." Centuries before the Eames and Bertoias of the world had deep thoughts and manufacturing dreams about making relevant design available to the masses, the Dutch were making beautiful Delftware for profoundly practical purposes.


The Figural Pottery of Billy Ray Hussey