Lot 255
NC Holt Family Early Arithmetic Workbook and Five Inscribed Volumes
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The math book entirely in manuscript, its cover being inscribed "Jinney I Holt's Arithmetic Commenced April 3rd Anno Domini 1815,", with a slightly later hand writing, "Orange County North Carolina. Composed by Thomas L. James. A Citizen of the World"; the names of the prominent Edwin M. Holt and his sons are also listed on the cover, with siblings by Alfred Holt on the back, the book contains approximately 50 pages neatly covered with math exercises and explanations of their function; additional books present are as follows: A New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar(London: 1798), inscribed by Michaael Holt and Edwin C. Holt; Life of Joseph (Dover, NH: 1800), inscribed by Michael Holt and Rachel Holt; Walker's Dictionary (Philadelphia, 1806), inscribed by Michael Holt and Thomas Holt with slave birth register on back endpaper; Defence of the Revolutionary History of the State pf North Carolina (Boston & Raleigh, 1834), inscribed by Edwin M. Holt 1836.

The workbook, 12 in.; largest bound book 9 in.

Fair condition overall; stains and marginal splits; worn covers with split hinges; internal leaves somewhat better.