Lot 3122
Five Individually Bound English Pamphlets, 1646-1711
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All small octavo (7-8 in.), in 20th century bindings imitating 18th century examples having marbled paper boards with gilt calf spines; works to include: All Ordinances and Orders, For the better observation of the Lords-Day and the FAST (London: Edward Husband, 1646), 13 pages; Justice Triumphing or, The Spoylers Spoyled. Laid forth in a Gratulatory Sermon for the Miraculous Discovery of, and our Glorious Delivery from The Barbrous Powder-Plot; at Pauls the 5 Novemb. 1646 (London: Nathanial Webb and William Grantham, 1647), 34 pages (back board disbound); Fovre Speches Delivered in Guild-Hall on Friday the sixth of October, 1643 (London: R. Cotes, 1646), 44 pages; The Sweet Savior of Good Actions; As it was delivered in a Sermon (n.p., circa 1668), 18 pages; An Explanation of the Oxford Almanack For the Year 1711 (London: A. Baldwin, 1711), 31 pages.

Private Collection, Rome, GA

Generally good condition; some internal stains, minor losses.