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Hollis Chatelain (NC), Cabbage Coral #3
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1997, fine weaving in brilliant colors, signed en verso.

17 x 36 in.

Collection of Jacquelyn Nouveau, Pittsboro, North Carolina

Hollis is an internationally renowned and award-winning artist. Through a dynamic and characteristic style marked by dreamlike imagery, elaborate use of color, and intricate thread detail, Hollis creates unique compositions that address challenging social, environmental, and political themes. Her work is found in public and private collections around the world.

"During the last years I lived in Africa, I could see the ocean from my studio window. When I started noticing how many water related dreams and drawing ideas kept surfacing, I realized how living by the ocean for the first time was affecting my work. I became increasingly intrigued by the contrasts between the often rough and wild surface of the ocean and the beauty and serenity of the underwater world. I decided to make a series of underwater quilts to translate these feelings and emotions into my art. I love the graphics of the giant clam and made up the colors to suit what I thought it should look like." -Hollis Chatelain

Good condition.