Lot 6184
An Magnificent Collection of Apricot Liqueur
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The buyer acknowledges that he/she is acting within compliance with their state and local laws in regards to the purchase, transportation and delivery of spirituous liquors. The buyer acknowledges that he/she takes possession of purchased lots upon the fall of the hammer. Buyers may make arrangements including an in-person auction house pick-up or designating a third party to complete delivery of purchased lots.

NV, Rocher Apricot Liqueur, La Cote St. Andre, France, 32%, bottled between 1937-1944, hs, wxc, snc, sealed (1 700 ml)
NV, DuBouchett Apricot Cordial, Many, Blanc, 30%, 1942 bottling, approximately 2/3rd full, nol, sealed, 25/32 Quart (1 )
NV, Apry Apricot Cordial, Bordeaux, France, 40%, 1955 bottling, 3.5cm, lbsl, sealed, 12 ounces (1 )
NV, Leroux Apricot Flavored Brandy, Philadelphia, PA, 35%, 1958 bottling, hs, bsl, pencil writing on label, snl, sealed, 4/5 Pint (1 )
NV, Coeur de France Apricot Liqueur, France, 21%, 1973 bottling, 2cm, snl, sealed (1 4/5 Quart)

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