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Fine Wine & Rare Spirits at Auction

Leland Little's Fine Wine & Rare Spirits Department is the sole auction house in the South catering to serious wine and spirits collectors. Our fine wine auctions regularly feature the scarcest bottles spanning across both old and new worlds from the finest producers, including Screaming Eagle, Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Chateau Petrus and others. Our rare spirits auctions feature unusual scotches and often one-of-a-kind whiskeys from the pre-Prohibition period or earlier. Whether for investment or consumption, Leland Little's Fine Wine & Rare Spirits auctions offer access to the most sought-after labels.

Retail Fine Wine

Leland Little Retail Fine Wine offers a curated list of fine wines to buyers at retail sale. The catalogue of bottles offered reflects the breadth and prestige of wines currently offered by the Fine Wine Department at auction. From old world to new world, our featured vintners and vintages will satisfy even the most discerning palettes.

Nestled within our gallery, Leland Little Retail Fine Wine is a physical shop where you can browse and buy. Speak with our Fine Wine Team about trying something new or expanding your existing collection. Request a personal tour of our cellar. If you prefer, you can explore our online shop . No bidding required, just add a bottle to your cart and check out.


Mark Solomon

Mark Solomon

Fine Wine & Rare Spirits Director

At Leland Little, Mark Solomon runs the largest fine wine & rare spirits auctions in the Southern United States. He has served on the national executive board of the Cercle de la Future, which is part of The Commanderie de Bordeaux aux États-Unis d'Amérique. Mark Solomon practiced as a clinical neuropsychologist for 12 years prior to changing careers in pursuit of his passion for fine wine and developing the Fine Wine & Rare Spirits Department for Leland Little.

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History by the Bottle

When someone says "old world wine," most of our minds turn immediately to France. But while storied French winemakers pick, ferment, and bottle in the old, time-honored ways year in and year out, history marches on.


The Long and Winding Journey of a Whiskey Unicorn

Odysseus, Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hilary, A.H. Hirsch Reserve Whiskey. Intrepid adventurers all. Where the first three battled monsters and mountains, A.H. Hirsch took on decades of oblivion and ownership shuffles to emerge victorious as the rarest of rare, the most covetable brown liquor of them all.


Scotch & Climate Change

One look at any of the scotch distilleries perched picturesquely on the shores of Islay serves as a reminder of their exposure to the elements. The relentless environment in which scotch is made has long been part of its charm, but with climate change intensifying, environmental concerns are quickly becoming production hurdles.


A Whisky Market Update

Whisky (yes, and whiskey) is having a moment.


A Symphony of Flavors

"Apricot, quince, pineapple, almond, verbena, fig, rose, lychee, grapefruit, bitter orange, vanilla, saffron, roasted coffee beans... The smells of an entire market are concentrated in a glass of Yquem." – Chateau d’Yquem


Unboxing Fine Wine: Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne, 2002


Sporting Art Fair 2022

Leland Little is delighted to host our second annual Sporting Art Fair (SAF) on Saturday, February 25th, 2023. Although hosted on the grounds and within the galleries of Leland Little, this is a community event brought forth by a group of partners who are personally and professionally invested in the world of sporting art. The Sporting Art Fair is for everyone.


The Stuff of Legend

There can be no question that drinking a great old wine is one of life’s great pleasures. And, there is nothing in the world like a great old Red Burgundy! – The Underground Wineletter


The Launch into Retail Fine Wine

If you can't wait for our next fine wine auction, you're in luck. You don't have to.


Unboxing: Rare Spirits

Moonlighting as an academic journal, this clever box is hiding a prohibition era whiskey. Watch this unboxing video and learn more. Bid on this rare whiskey, without a prescription, on Friday, June 10th at noon.


Bottle Talk with a Novice

Watch as Fine Wine & Rare Spirits Director, Mark Solomon and Chloe Ghillani of the Content Team discuss the Portuguese sweet wine, Port. Enjoy first reactions, personal stories, and so much more in the first episode of this new series.


Special Feature with Lynne Millies

Elvis has not left the building...


Cellar Tour with Mark Solomon

We believe this whiskey to be an antique enhanced by age, nature has mellowed this bourbon to a memorable perfection. It has been reserved and bottled for a connoisseur. - Very Old Fitzgerald Label


Special Feature with Lynne Millies

Explore the lesser-known side of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti.


Special Feature with Julia Kelley-Swift

With aromas of ginger, saffron, and beeswax, this rare Hungarian wine is so sweet it is best enjoyed by the spoonful.


Retail Fine Wine at Leland Little

Wine for now, wine for later


Sine Qua Non

Born of pure passion and a wishful dream -SQN


Retail Fine Wine at Leland Little

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Retail Fine Wine at Leland Little

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Retail Fine Wine at Leland Little

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A Moment With Lynne Millies

The Intersection of Art Deco and Cognac


Retail Fine Wine at Leland Little

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