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Oyster Shucking Table, (from Bob Timberlake's Studio and Collection)
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Contemporary, large hand-planed wooden table with metal insert at two ends; a pair of side-by-side drawers, the interior of the right drawer signed in paint "Used at my studio Bob Timberlake" with shells and oyster knives.

36 x 24 x 84 in.

From the Personal Collection of Bob Timberlake, Lexington, North Carolina

Carved into the top of the table is the quote by English poet, John Gay (1685-1732) - "O The MAN Who First Broke The Oozy Oyster's Pearly Coat And Risk The Living Morsel Down His Throat."

Inlaid into the top of the table are fifteen pearls Bob has found in oysters.

Good condition.