At Leland Little, the great furniture traditions of the world come together. From the North Carolina Sharrock cabinet shop to the French master E. Levasseur, the Leland Little Furniture Department represents the work of all those who create lasting art from simple wood. The rich juxtaposition of an arm chair by William Savery of Philadelphia with a 17th century Sicilian Sgabello side chair both tells us volumes about their respective cultures and allows us to appreciate the commonalities of world class craftsmanship.


Leland Little

Leland Little


Leland J. Little, CAI, is the founder and President of Leland Little. Mr. Little has led Leland Little into becoming one of the premier auction houses in the Southeast. In addition to leading the company, Mr. Little directs the Estates Department and the Furniture Department. He regularly leads appraisal clinics and fundraiser auctions for numerous charities throughout North Carolina. An avid runner, Mr. Little recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Durham, North Carolina.

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Gallery Walkthrough with Luke Newbold

Explore the Modern & Contemporary and Prints & Multiples Auctions.


A Life's Work with Bill Ivey

"I have found that if you know where a piece is from, or if you know a little bit about it, then you almost have a relationship with it . . . it comes alive . . ." - Bill Ivey


The Finer Points: A Thankful Table

Seasonal Celebration, Leland Little Style


Fall Modern & Contemporary Auction Walkthrough

Forward Thinking Artists in the Fall Modern & Contemporary Auction


A Moment with Leland Little

"A diverse collection representative of a shared passion for travel, the outdoors, and fine objects." - Leland Little, speaking about the life and collection of the late Charles and Cynthia Salzhauer


Gallery Walkthrough of the Summer Modern & Contemporary Auction

Explore our Summer Modern & Contemporary Auction.


Spring Modern Art & Design Walkthrough

Trailblazing Art and Artists


The Estate of the late Frank Daniels, Jr. and his wife, Julia Jones Daniels

If you are going to live in a community, you ought to be involved in the community - Frank Daniels, Jr.


A Moment with Leland Little: A Regional Comparison

A narrative in wood. How details tell the story of time and place.


Live Like a Bridgerton

Classical and Tasteful Design with Show-Stopping Details


Tour of The Signature Winter Auction

Sunlight dances through our gallery in anticipation of our Signature Winter Auction this Saturday, December 3rd.


Special Feature with Luke Newbold

Can you spot the ghostly figures in this painted scene?


The Finer Points: Statement Seating

When curating a space, consider the design principles of function, style, and personality. An anchor piece, whether a work of art or a unique piece of furniture, can set the tone for an entire room. We were inspired by the eye-catching pieces offered in the November Estate Auction.


The Finer Points: North Carolina Art Across the Centuries

The blest land, the best land, the Old North State! - Leonora Monteiro Martin


An Insider's Look: Inspired by the European Grand Tour

Back from your European getaway and longing for some of its beauty at home? We get it. Feeling inspired by our own travels and the tradition of the Grand Tour, we have curated this timeless selection of continental art, furniture, and decorative accessories from our End of Summer Estate Auction.


The Finer Points: Florals in Design

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. - Henri Matisse


The Longleat Commodes: More Than Meets the Eye

There is more to this pair of commodes than meets the eye. If they could talk, they would tell tales of their storied provenance. A former home in an Elizabethan estate? Check. Noble ranking owners? Check.


The Collector’s Eye: A Private Collection, Greensboro, North Carolina

Leland Little is proud to offer a Private Collection from Greensboro, North Carolina in our Signature Summer Auction on June 11. This collection features exemplary American and English furniture, fine art and more with storied provenances.


The Finer Points: A Private Collection, Greensboro, North Carolina

Explore the finer details of classical art, botanical engravings, Chinese porcelain, and antique furniture. These featured pieces, along with the entirety of the collection will be offered in our Signature Summer Auction, June 11th at 9am EDT.


An Insider's Look: The Timeless Wood - Mahogany

Interior designers are forecasting the resurgence of mahogany and other dark woods. Perhaps the time spent in our homes during the last two years has us leaning into a cozier design aesthetic. Learn more about the origins of mahogany furniture as well as styling ideas featuring pieces from our upcoming May Estate Auction.


An Insider's Look: Gustav Stickley

Simplicity, Honesty in Construction, and Truth to Materials


The Collection of Joel Siegel

The first thing I saw after I came to was this huge Lichtenstein pop-art poster. If it had been a Raphael Madonna I might have thought I'd died and gone to heaven. But Lichtenstein? I died and went to the Museum of Modern Art? -Joel Siegel, upon awakening in the recovery room at New York Hospital, Lessons for Dylan


Hygge for the Holidays

Relax in a comfy chair, sip your chamomile tea, and dive into our step-by-step guide on how to create hygge in your home this holiday season.


The Collection of Art Historian and Designer Sterling Boyd

A great eye is rarely confined to a single category. For Sterling Boyd, the synthesis of his extensive knowledge and impeccable style was a personal collection of art and antiques that brought together beauty and history.


It's All In The Details

Impressive in their size, age, and form, these pieces of furniture are even more striking when considered up close.


William Ivey Long and the Tennessee Carters: A Family Furniture Legacy

By William Ivey Long’s own account, he wasn’t one for football when he was young. He preferred to stay inside with his cousin Molly, who taught him all about the furniture and houses that had been passed down through his mother’s Tennessee family for centuries.


The Chair Files with Robbie Smith


The Arts & Crafts Man - Four Things to Know About Gustav Stickley


The Timberlake Tour


From the Personal Collection of James H. Craig & Randy S. Johnson

When asked if there was any difference between his personal and professional acquisition decisions, longtime fine arts consultant and antique dealer Jim Craig said that his choices for his private collection could be chalked up to “personal addiction.” The comment belies the passion for the arts and Americana that drove Craig’s distinguished career for over half a century.