At Leland Little Auctions, the great furniture traditions of the world come together. From the North Carolina Sharrock cabinet shop to the French master E. Levasseur, the Leland Little Furniture Department represents the work of all those who create lasting art from simple wood. The rich juxtaposition of an arm chair by William Savery of Philadelphia with a 17th century Sicilian Sgabello side chair both tells us volumes about their respective cultures and allows us to appreciate the commonalities of world class craftsmanship.
Leland Little
President, Estates & Furniture Director

Leland J. Little, CAI, is the founder and President of Leland Little Auctions. Mr. Little has led Leland Little Auctions into becoming one of the premier auction houses in the Southeast. In addition to leading the company, Mr. Little directs the Estates Department and the Furniture Department. He regularly leads appraisal clinics and fundraiser auctions for numerous charities throughout North Carolina. An avid runner, Mr. Little recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Durham, North Carolina.
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