Lot 315
Letter Advises Leasing Slave to Sitting Governor of North Carolina
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James A. Waugh Autograph Letter Signed, "J. A Waugh," Raleigh, North Carolina, December 28, 1850, 8vo, 3 pp. with integral address panel, to his mother, Eliza Waugh, Salem, NC, reading in part: "My Dear Ma… I saw Col. or rather Governor Reid on yesterday, he says he wrote to you he would give you your price for the hire of Henry…If you have not already made some arrangement to get him here I would advise you to let Bill bring him down in a buggy or carry all…try to borrow one in Morganton or Salem without paying for it. Let Bill have some two dollars to pay expenses…Give them a pass. I am in hopes you have not hired Henry to any person in Salem for Reid will be very much disappointed if you have and if you have try to get off from the engagement…You may say what you please about Christmas in the country or country villages, but save me from a Raleigh Christmas, it is dreadfully dull here…Tell Jas C Webb to hire out his mother’s negroes to the best advantage – and you must try and do the same with yours. Be sure to send Henry by the first day after you receive this…" Presented in a custom blue linen folder with gilt identification on leather spine.

Fold creases; bold ink; 1/2-in. circle of loss where seal was lifted; overall solid, in very good condition