Lot 4241
A Unique Collection of Whiskey/Liquor Books
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Whiskey, Information & Gude: Preyer's Information & Guide for the Liquor Business, E.R. Preyer, Copyright 1901, good overall collectible condition (1 )
Annual Directory of the Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers of Allegheny County, Copyright 1891, good overall collectible condition with mild staining of book cover (1 )
Distillation of Alcohols and De-Naturing: A Practical Handbook on the Distillation of Alcohol from Farm Products, F.B. Wright, Copyright 1906, good overall collectible condition with slight separation of book cover (1 )
The Liquor Industry: A Survey of its History, Manufacture Problems of Control and Importance, Morris Victor Rosenbloom, Copyright 1937, good overall collectible condition with spine separation of book cover (1 )

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