Lot 445
Two Confederate Postage Stamps and a Civil War Relic Grouping
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
The stamps to include a Scott #1 Five-Cent stamp with a portrait of Jefferson Davis (an ink smear resembles a mustache!) and a Scott #14 One-Cent stamp bearing the portrait of John Calhoun (a late war type issued, but not used), both stamps in very good condition, the Calhoun imprint is light as printed); plus...a South Carolina collection of small dug relics to include bullets, a rifle lockplate, a harness buckle, glass stoppers, a buck-and-ball combination, a percussion cap and a flat button; plus a large fragment of an exploded cannonball found in Petersburg, Virginia.

Frame 8-1/2 x 12-1/4 in.

Everything in good collectible condition.