Lot 9081
Festive American Spirits Selection
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The buyer acknowledges that he/she is acting within compliance with their state and local laws in regards to the purchase, transportation and delivery of spirituous liquors. The buyer acknowledges that he/she takes possession of purchased lots upon the fall of the hammer. Buyers may make arrangements including an in-person auction house pick-up or designating a third party to complete delivery of purchased lots.

NV, Jim Beam White Label Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 50 Months Old, 40%, 1986 bottling, bn, sealed (1 375 ml)
NV, Kentucky Silk Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 30%, 1983 bottling, bn, sealed (1 750 ml)
NV, Seagram's 7 Crown American Blended Whiskey, 43%, 1966 bottling, 2 into neck, 2 sealed (2 1/2 Gallon)
NV, Seagram's 7 Crown American Blended Whiskey, 40%, 1987 bottling, into neck, sealed, ocb (1 750 ml)
NV, Paul Masson Brandy, Saratoga, CA, 40%, 1969 bottling, appears to be full bottle, series 60, sealed decanter bottle, ocb (1 4/5 Quart)
NV, Kessler American Blended Whiskey, Julius Kessler Company, 40%, 1965-1966 bottling, into neck, sealed (1 4/5 Quart)

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