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Colheita Port - Vintage 1968
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"1968 was a good year in the vineyard, however the very heavy rain that fell just prior to the harvest marked the year; having said this, many Houses declared Colheitas including Niepoort. Perhaps this is where the secret of small, old, well seasoned oak casks come into their own and the Colheita gains concentration over many years of slow oxidative ageing in the cool cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia…. Superb brick red, green on the rim. Wonderfully dry citrous fruit hints, smoky flavours and orange peel in the nose. Impressive bottlesickness (bottle age), tight and concise. Dark orange chocolate, butterscotch on the palate. Rich and citrous acidity, elegant, very well structured with a fresh, firm concentration and great length..."

Vintage 1968, Colheita, Niepoort, bottled in 1990, into neck (1 750 ml)

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