Lot 188
Set of Eleven Berlin (KPM) Porcelain Hand-Painted Plates
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
Each with hand-painted foliate design including Himberee (raspberry), (3) Linde (linden), Hopfen (hop), Schneebeere (snowberry), Wiede (willow), Schwarzpappel (black poplar), (2) Esche (ash), and Wachholder (juniper); each with blue Berlin Sceptre mark and the red Imperial Orb, many with the black iron cross indicating a production date circa 1914-1918.

8 1/2 in. diameter

One "Linde" plate with small chip to rim and the second with repaired break; "Hopfen" plate with chip to rim and associated hairline; "Himberee" with chipping and hairline to rim; "Weide" with small glaze flake to one leaf; one "Esche" with area of rubbing to woody branch; "Schwarzpappel" with small glaze flake to one leaf.

$800 - 1,200