Lot 3210
Binder of 45 Autographed NASA Photos, Four Having Autopen Signatures
Lot Details & Additional Photographs
Most of the images carry the NASA logo above captions on the back; one photo has a James Spence Authentication (JSA) Letter of Authenticity, one is noted noted by JSA as being signed by autopen, four have JSA "Basic Certification" cards; the remainder were never submitted to an authentication service.

Signatories are as follows: Joe Allen (with additional personal signed note on back); Karol Bobko; Vance D. Brand (Apollo-Soyuz), three (3) signed photos; Eugene Cernan, nine (9) signed photos (Apollo X and Apollo XVII), one with JSA "Basic Certification" card, one with Harrison Schmitt and Ronald Evans (with JSA Letter of Authenticity;
Charles Conrad (Gemini, Apollo XII, First Manned Skylab), six (6) signed photos, one with JSA "Basic Certification" card"; Tony England; Owen Garriott (2nd Manned Skylab); Edward G. Gibson (Skylab 4), two signed photos; James B. Irwin (Apollo XV), two (2) lunar surface photos; Jack R. Lousma (2nd Manned Skylab); James A. Lovell; James A. McDivitt (Gemini IV; Apollo IX), four (4) photos; Frank C. Michel; Edgar D. Mitchell (Apollo XIV ), two (2) photos, one dually signed with Alan Shepard; Walter M. Schirra (1st Manned Apollo mission), two (2) photos, (one with JSA certification card); Harrison Schmitt; Alan Shepard (Apollo XIV), three photos, (one with JSA Certification card); Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan (Gemini IX), Stafford with autopen siganture; Tom Stafford, two photos, both signed with autopen; Wernher von Braun, signed with autopen.

Very good condition in sleeves.