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Brinkley, Francis. The Art of Japan, Very Rare Complete Shogun Edition
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(Boston: J. B. Millet Company, 1897), ten folio volumes limited to 25 lettered copies, the present set designated with the letter "S"; included are two rare supplements added to the original work in 1901; all with silk to covers.

Inscribed to first page:
"To Russell: I like to think that this will be a joy to you. With it goes my sincere friendship. Mena.
To Russell: Our best friend in Washington. Friendship is the most beautiful thing in life. With love, Elois
Sept. 29, 1963"

Each volume 15 x 12 1/4 x 1 1/4 in.

The ten-volume Shogun Edition limited to only 25 lettered copies of which this is Letter "S". Included in the edition is an essay on Japanese art by Kakuzo Okaura, Director of the Imperial Art School in Tokyo, Japan and original artworks by important Japanese artists. This set includes the two rare supplemental volumes which were issued in 1901.

The American industrialist Charles Stewart Smith (1832-1909) met Brinkley in Japan and bought his photograph print collection which he presented to the New York Public Library in 1901. Later, he was one of the select few chosen to have the honor of acquiring one of the 25 lettered copies of the Shogun edition. To illustrate how precious and difficult it was to acquire this set, even J. Pierpont Morgan was only able to get a set of the later printed "Edition De Grand Luxe" limited to 50 copies.

Silk covers on all volumes are separating from cover and have losses, fraying, wear, and fading; edges of volumes with wear and toning; interior pages to volumes in good condition; varying levels of foxing and toning to the initial and end pages within each volume; some volumes with discoloration or water damage to same opening and ending pages, but not to majority of the volume, most interior pages are pristine.

$4,000 - 8,000