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The buyer acknowledges that he/she is acting within compliance with their state and local laws in regards to the purchase, transportation and delivery of spirituous liquors. The buyer acknowledges that he/she takes possession of purchased lots upon the fall of the hammer. Buyers may make arrangements including an in-person auction house pick-up or designating a third party to complete delivery of purchased lots.

NV, Don Q Eldorado Puerto Rican Rum, Destileria Serralles, Inc., Ponce, Puerto Rico, 40%, 1967 bottling, 2 shoulder level fills, 2 sealed (2 4/5 Quart)
NV, Old St. Croix 6 Star Dark Rum, Gold Label, A. H. Riise Distillers Co., Virgin Islands, 40%, 1972 bottling, hs, lscl, sealed (1 4/5 Quart)
NV, Lemon Hart Light Jamaica Rum, Julius Wile Sons & Company, 43%, 1975 bottling, bn, sealed (1 4/5 Quart)
NV, Cruzan White Rum, Cruzan Rum Distillery Co., St. Croix, Virgin Islands, 40%, 1977 bottling, hs, sealed (1 Quart)
NV, St. James Rhum, Society Nouvelle des Rhums, Martinique, 45.5%, 1980 bottling, into neck, sealed (1 750 ml)
NV, Ron Virgin Dark Rum, Ron Virgin Company, Virgin Islands, 40%, 1983-1985 bottling, bn, lbsl, lscl, sealed (1 1 L)
NV, Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, V/X, J. Wray & Nephew, Ltd., 40%, 1985 bottling, hs, sealed, includes presentation tin (1 750 ml)
NV, Barbancourt Reserve Speciale Rhum, 5 Star, Port au Prince, Haiti, 43%, thought to be 1990s bottling, ls, lbsl, sealed (1 750 ml)
NV, Gosling's Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum, 40%, thought to be 1990s bottling, 2 into neck, 2 sealed, includes 2 presentation tins (2 750 ml)
NV, Sangster's Old Jamaica DeLuxe Gold Rum, 40%, 1983-1985 bottling, full bottle, lscl, sealed in stone flagon (1 750 ml)
NV, Pyrat Pistol Rum, Anguilla Rums, Ltd., British West Indies, 40%, thought to be 1990s bottling, vts, lbsl, sealed (1 375 ml)

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