Lot 394
Group of Vintage Science Fiction Paperbacks from Edgar Rice Burroughs and Others, With Kurt Vonnegut First Edition
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1950s-1960s, to include:

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. THE SIRENS OF TITAN. New York: Dell Publishing Co., Inc, 1959. Stated first edition, "First printing-October, 1959." Paperback in illustrated wraps, all edges stained green. 319pp. (Dell First Edition B138) Currey.

Isaac Asimov. I, ROBOT. New York: Signet Book published by The New American Library, 1956. First paperback edition. Stated "First Printing, March, 1956." Paperback in illustrated wraps, all edges stained red. 192pp. (S1282)

Philip José Farmer. THE MAKER OF UNIVERSES. New York: Ace Books, 1965. First edition. Paperback in illustrated wraps. 191pp. (F-367) Currey.

(28) titles from Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1960s, all Ace Science Fiction Classic mass market paperbacks, mostly first paperback and first thus editions, no duplicates, to include: At the Earth's Core (F-156), Thuvia Maid of Mars (F-168), Tarzan and the Lost Empire (F-169), The Chessmen of Mars (F-170), Tanar of Pellucidar (F-171), Pirates of Venus (F-179), Tarzan at the Earth's Core (F-180), The Mastermind of Mars (F-181), The Monster Men (F-182), Tarzan the Invincible (F-189), A Fighting Man of Mars (F-190), The Son of Tarzan (F-193),
Tarzan Triumphant (F-194), The Beasts of Tarzan (F-203), Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (F-204), Tarzan and the City of Gold (F-205), Jungle Tales of Tarzan (F-206), The Land that Time Forgot (F-213), The People that Time Forgot (F-220), Lost on Venus (F-221), The Land of Hidden Men (F-232), Out of Time's Abyss (F-233), The Eternal Savage (F-234), The Lost Continent (F-235), Carson of Venus (F-247), Land of Terror (F-256), The Cave Girl (F-258), Beyond the Farthest Star (F-282).

(19) volumes from Philip K. Dick, some duplicates, including (12) single titles and the following Ace Double Novels: Solar Lottery (1955) (paired with Leigh Brackett's The Big Jump) (D-103), The World Jones Made (1956) (paired with Margaret St. Clair's Agent of the Unknown) (D-150), The Man who Japed (1956) (paired with E. C. Tubb's The Space-Born) (D-193), The Cosmic Puppets (1957) (paired with Andrew North's Sargasso of Space) (D-249), Dr. Futurity (1960) (paired with John Brunner's Slavers of Space) (D-421), Vulcan's Hammer (1960) (paired with John Brunner's The Skynappers) (D-457), The Unteleported Man (1964) (paired with Howard L. Cory's The Mind Monsters) (G-602).

6 3/8 - 7 1/8 in. tall

From the Collection of the late Richard J. Anderson, Bronx, New York

Condition varies with most in good condition; wraps with creasing, toning, edgewear, corners and head/tails of spines rubbed, some with staining, scuffing, or with moderate creasing and wear to spines; pages toned, with occasional staining, offsetting, and tears; a small number with fragile bindings or loose or fragile pages, but most bindings sturdy.