Decorative Arts


The Leland Little Decorative Arts Department is a showcase of beauty for the sake of beauty. Tiffany lamps and tall case clocks, Italian crystal chandeliers and French Empire candelabra - these are the things that add a touch of the extraordinary to our homes. The classical elegance of a Herend fish scale animal or the grace of a Lalique bowl brings us joy in its pure exquisiteness.


Brian Kuebler

Brian Kuebler

Decorative Arts & Sculpture Director

Brian Kuebler has been involved in the arts his entire creative, academic and professional careers. He completed a bachelor's degree in Studio Art with a minor in Art History from the College of Charleston, and an MFA in Painting from The New York Academy of Art. Before joining Leland Little he worked in art galleries in New York and was a fine art and art history instructor for undergraduate and continuing education students. Kuebler has completed murals and decorative artworks in New York and internationally and has exhibited his work in New York and North Carolina.

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A Moment With Brian Kuebler

Art Inspired by the "Figure"


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Seasonal Celebration, Leland Little Style


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Forward Thinking Artists in the Fall Modern & Contemporary Auction


A Moment With Brian Kuebler

The Innate Drive to Create


The Finer Points: The World of Erté

Full of life and personality, it's easy to become enchanted by Erté's work.


An Insider's Look: Suzanne Glass Statuette

Become entranced by the prism of colors reflected in this work of opalescent glass by René Lalique.


A Moment with Leland Little

"A diverse collection representative of a shared passion for travel, the outdoors, and fine objects." - Leland Little, speaking about the life and collection of the late Charles and Cynthia Salzhauer


Gallery Walkthrough of the Summer Modern & Contemporary Auction

Explore our Summer Modern & Contemporary Auction.


Unboxing: A Brief History on Tea Caddies

"Being somewhat of an expensive commodity at that time, dry tea leaves required proper storage with a lock and key." Brian Kuebler - Decorative Arts & Sculpture Director


Garden and Architectural Design Charrette

Upgrade your Garden


Spring Modern Art & Design Walkthrough

Trailblazing Art and Artists


Live Like a Bridgerton

Classical and Tasteful Design with Show-Stopping Details


Special Feature with Brian Kuebler

The Spontaneous Art of Paul Chaleff


The Finer Points: Equestrian Art

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." — Winston Churchill


An Evening of Modern Art & Design at Leland Little

It was a night full of modern art, timeless design, and good company.


An Insider's Look: Movement and Light in Metal

This large scale kinetic sculpture, comprised of steel plates and paint, moves and changes day by day. A gentle breeze or changing light presents new discoveries to the careful observer.


An Insider's Look: Inspired by the European Grand Tour

Back from your European getaway and longing for some of its beauty at home? We get it. Feeling inspired by our own travels and the tradition of the Grand Tour, we have curated this timeless selection of continental art, furniture, and decorative accessories from our End of Summer Estate Auction.


The Finer Points: Florals in Design

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. - Henri Matisse


Paperweights: A Purposeful Art

The earliest known decorative paperweights appeared in Europe in the 1840s. Designed for the singular purpose of holding down stacks of paper on desks, paperweights were a response to the evolving needs of mid-nineteenth century life.


The Collector’s Eye: A Private Collection, Greensboro, North Carolina

Leland Little is proud to offer a Private Collection from Greensboro, North Carolina in our Signature Summer Auction on June 11. This collection features exemplary American and English furniture, fine art and more with storied provenances.


The Finer Points: A Private Collection, Greensboro, North Carolina

Explore the finer details of classical art, botanical engravings, Chinese porcelain, and antique furniture. These featured pieces, along with the entirety of the collection will be offered in our Signature Summer Auction, June 11th at 9am EDT.


The Collector's Eye: Ivan Remnitz

The Collection of Ivan Remnitz spans the globe in both its acquisition story and scope, and has a very clear focus through the lens of the collector’s eye. From artful textiles meant to be hung and admired, to Cycladic inspired sculptures meant to be viewed in the round; the various mediums speak to a sum greater than its parts. This week, we spoke with Remnitz about his collecting journey.


A Moment With: Brian Kuebler

"Valerie's sculptures utilize organic abstract volumes which embody the landscape of the Caribbean and South America, as well as sensual volumes of the human figure." - Brain Kuebler


7 Exhibited Artists to Buy in Spring Modern Art & Design

From solo exhibitions at MoMA to current showings at Nasher Museum’s Reckoning and Resilience; artists in our May 19th Spring Modern Art & Design auction have impressive CV’s.


Humility, Concentration, Perseverance…and Talent

When I start a project, I have a rough idea in mind, but it really is a joint venture between the bamboo and myself. It could be a friendly partnership, or it could be a battle. Whichever the case may be, dialogue with the material and constant adjustments by the artist are essential to every part of the process. – Morigami Jin, 2018


The Collection of Joel Siegel

The first thing I saw after I came to was this huge Lichtenstein pop-art poster. If it had been a Raphael Madonna I might have thought I'd died and gone to heaven. But Lichtenstein? I died and went to the Museum of Modern Art? -Joel Siegel, upon awakening in the recovery room at New York Hospital, Lessons for Dylan


Hygge for the Holidays

Relax in a comfy chair, sip your chamomile tea, and dive into our step-by-step guide on how to create hygge in your home this holiday season.


A Catalyst of Ideas

"Diego was a catalyst in the literal sense of the word: something that precipitates or facilitates a change" (Raymond Foye, The Brooklyn Rail)


Shedding Light on the Glass Ceiling

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the creative vision and inspiration behind Tiffany Studios designs. A relatively recent discovery of letters tells the story of Clara Driscoll, a trailblazer of her time and the designer of the famous Dragonfly shade.


A Modern Art Trivia Treasure Hunt

We love a good piece of art on the wall as much as anyone. But while we can appreciate art in an aesthetic vacuum, the stories behind the works are what really bring them to life. So to give ample dimension to the art in our Modern Art & Design auction, we made you a trivia treasure hunt around some of the standout works that were offered.


The Collection of Art Historian and Designer Sterling Boyd

A great eye is rarely confined to a single category. For Sterling Boyd, the synthesis of his extensive knowledge and impeccable style was a personal collection of art and antiques that brought together beauty and history.


Lost Wax Bronze Casting

The process of turning bars of bronze into detailed sculpture is mind-bending. How do artisans realize an artist's intricate vision in a substance that only exists as an intractable solid or a molten liquid?


From the Personal Collection of James H. Craig & Randy S. Johnson

When asked if there was any difference between his personal and professional acquisition decisions, longtime fine arts consultant and antique dealer Jim Craig said that his choices for his private collection could be chalked up to “personal addiction.” The comment belies the passion for the arts and Americana that drove Craig’s distinguished career for over half a century.