Art for Earth Day
Earth Day is our annual reminder not only to care for the natural world on which we depend, but also to take the time to stop and wonder at its beauty.
Artists of all stripes have been taking the astonishing beauty of the Earth as their subject from very beginning of art itself. From the 45,000-year old Sulawesi cave paintings of pigs in Indonesia, to the digitally animated dream landscapes and botanicals of today's NFT craze, artists have used their medium to express our deep awe at and connection to nature.

At Leland Little, we have the pleasure of seeing artistic renderings of the natural world represented in most of our departments, from repoussé sterling silver blooms to fine wood inlays to sweeping landscape paintings. In honor of Earth Day, we offer a selection of some of our favorite art of the Earth from auctions both past and upcoming.
A Group of Six Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Plates;
Upcoming in The Signature Summer Auction, June 12th, 2021
Alexander Dzigurski (CA, 1911-1995), Seascape at Sunset;
Upcoming in The Signature Summer Auction, June 12th, 2021