The human obsession with things that sparkle and gleam speaks to a deep awe of the beauty that the earth can produce. Each of the remarkable pieces of jewelry presented by the Leland Little Auctions Jewelry Department - a monumental ring with the rarest of sapphires from Kashmir, the impeccable craftsmanship of a Rolex or Breitling, or a piece by one of the world’s most sought-after jewelers like Cartier or David Webb - demonstrates the partnership of sheer human ingenuity with eons of the geologic process.


Nancy Blount

Nancy Blount

Fine Jewelry & Textiles Director

A lifelong history and literature enthusiast, Nancy Blount was drawn to jewelry and textiles because of how she could see those topics represented in material culture. Nancy grew up doing needlework with her mother, and then as a literacy tutor discovered that historically, needlework samplers had been young girls’ earliest literacy tools. Similarly, Nancy has always loved jewelry that tells a story, whether it be pieces worn for good luck, or inspired by the European Grand Tour, or with the exoticism of Egyptian Revival. A hands-on expert herself, Nancy appreciates the nuanced evidence of the maker that are always present in handmade pieces, both in textiles and jewelry.

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An Insider's Look: Inspiration, Design, and Pure Elegance

When building a collection, "...go for the best you can get at the time...look at known designers [and] pieces that speak to you..." - Nancy Blount, Fine Jewelry & Textiles Director


Stones on the Loose

A Playful Orchestration of Color and Shine


An Insider's Look: Timeless Emeralds

"[Emeralds are] the evergreen of jewelry, reminding us of winter and the permanence of color throughout all seasons" - Nancy Blount, Fine Jewelry Director


The Finer Points: Elegant Pearls

Natural Elegance


An Insider's Look: Art Nouveau and Art Deco as Wearable Art

"It was the age of glamour and cocktail parties and what better way to showcase glamour than with pieces fully set with diamonds and with precious stones for contrast." - Nancy Blount, Fine Jewelry & Textiles Director


Summer Treasures

Sun kissed gold, rich blues, and undulating diamond waves


Important Watches in The Signature Summer Auction

Setting the Time Standard for Excellence and Elegance


Special Feature with Nancy Blount

"The Signature Summer Auction has a burst of color brought in by these two significant pieces." - Nancy Blount, Fine Jewelry Director


The Finer Points: Derby-Ready Necessities

Style, speed, and tradition -- The Kentucky Derby, the greatest two minutes in sports. It's right around the corner; get prepared and celebrate in style.


Special Feature with Nancy Blount

Cartier brooches in the Signature Spring Auction - exquisitely crafted to be elegant, whimsical, and just plain fun to wear.


Exquisite Art

Fine Brooches in The Signature Spring Auction


The Perfect Ornament

The holidays are upon us. It is time to deck the halls and be merry. This year, instead of looking for that perfect ornament to trim the tree, why not discover that one-of-a-kind treasure to spark your joy for the season?


Beads Are Back

I saw Harry Styles wearing bright and bold beads. So I bought bright and bold beads.


Special Feature with Nancy Blount

The brooch speaks to the elegance and femininity of jewelry from that era.


The Stars are Aligned for Sapphires

We are offering this rare blue beauty during its birthstone month of September. Find out why its sparkle is so special.


The Curious Lore of Rubies

For those who love rubies to the moon and back again…


The Bride Wore a Diamond Crescent Brooch

In our Signature Summer Auction, Leland Little offered a treasured Antique Gold and Diamond Crescent Brooch with a romantic provenance. We spoke with Nancy Blount, Director of Jewelry at Leland Little, about the piece.


Special Feature: White Gold and Diamond Ring

This sparkling 2.0 carat rectangular modified brilliant cut diamond ring will be offered in our Signature Summer Auction, this Saturday, June 11th starting at 9:00AM. Add a little sparkle and shine to your summer.


How Elsa Peretti Reintroduced Tiffany & Co. to Silver

A brief history of the iconic collaboration between legendary designer Elsa Peretti and Tiffany & Co., inspired by pieces offered in our upcoming Estate Jewelry, Sterling Silver, & Rare Coins auction on May 12.


In the Sky with Diamonds

In 2004, astronomers at Harvard discovered that the white dwarf star previously known only as V886 Centauri or BPM 37093 was actually a diamond. A really, really big diamond. The biggest in the universe, perhaps.


A Light Touch With Big Rings

The cocktail ring, in all its opulent glory, has been one of the signature designs of the Buccellati jewelry house ever since Mario Buccellati was making them to adorn the hands of Milan's most fashionable women after the First World War.


Dressing Women in Art

So much art of all kinds has been inspired by the beauty of the female form. With the abundance of fine jewelry and fine art in The Signature Fall Auction at our disposal, we give the artists' muses the decoration they deserve.


The Stuff of Legend: LaLaounis Jewelry

Goldsmith Ilias LaLaounis's legacy is built on one defining principle: that every piece of jewelry tells a story.


'80s Jewelry Comeback

'80s style is having a serious second moment in the sun - we love it when the kids finally realize how cool we were back in the day.


Rocks for Rocks

These days heroes wear scrubs, face shields, masks, id badges, and, in the case of teachers soldiering on with remote school, perhaps the odd pair of pajama pants. We're not judging.


Three Things To Know About Tanzanite


Simply Gorgeous


How to Wear a Brooch


Famously Charming